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Warrior King
Jah Is Always There
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Everywhere I Go
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Mike Brooks
Hold Fast
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Broken Stick Sound
Side A : Broken Stick Opens The Magic Box (Over 70 Jamaican Dubplates)
Broken Stick Records 2011
CD Dubplates

Tracklisting :
1-Intro: The Teacher

2-Alton Ellis: Still With Broken Stick

3-Junior Murvin: Broken Stick On The Land

4-Max Romeo: Chase The Soundboys

5-Louie Culture: Nah Dis

6-Macka B: Broken Stick Is In Town

7-Capleton: Nah Worry

8-Rod Taylor: Sorry For Dem

9-Lorenzo: Don't Be Blind

10-Burro Banton: Kill A Set

11-Wild Life: Give Dem What They Want

12-Warrior King: Broken Stick Is The Key

13-Lone Ranger: Broken Stick A M16

14-Johnny Osbourne: Can't Kill Broken Stick

15-King Kong: Unfortunate Soundboy

16-Luciano: Who Could Test

17-Sizzla: Sound Die

18-Matthew Mc Anuff: Soundboys Be Careful

19-Steel Pulse: Broken Stick Sound System

20-Lorenzo: French Sound In Dancehall

21-Luciano: Broken Stick Place

22-Michael Rose: Guess Who's Killing

23-Burro Banton: People Settle Yourself

24-Robert Lee: Nah Face No Judgment

25-Mikey Dread: Broken Stick & Culture

26-Johnny Osbourne: Soundblock

27-Johnny Ringo: Stick It Up

28-Lorenzo: Broken Stick's Women

29-King Kong: Rumble Jumble Clash

30-Sugar Minott: Crazy Soundboy

31-Freddie McGregor: Big Sound

32-Louie Culture: Nah Fear

33-Annointed: Broken Stick Move On

34-Pinchers: Soundelero

35-Black Warrior: Real Faya Ball

36-Luciano: Broken Stick Serve Jah

37-Wild Life: Soundboys Jokers

38-Lone Ranger: Nah Stand It

39-Burro Banton: Broken Stick Boom Dem

40-Black Royal: Soundboy No Like We

41-Johnny Osbourne: Number One

42-Reggie Stepper: Broken Stick Killing Ting

43-Frisko Kid: Killers

44-Jigsy King: Gimme Broken Stick

45-Macka B: Broken Stick Never Die

46-Solo Banton: Old Time Broken Stick

47-Solo Banton: Talk To We

48-Reggie Stepper: Original Broken Stick

49-Josie Mel: Broken Stick's Angels

50-Sister Carol: Broken Stick Ready

51-Malijah: Ready Or Not

52-Lorenzo: Give Broken Stick The Glory

53-Kibaki: Gwaan Broken Stick

54-Admiral Tibet: Leave Broken Stick Business

55-Anthony B: Broken Stick Above Everything

56-Burro Banton: Broken Stick Phenomenum

57-Chip Fu: Ready Fe De War

58-Pressure: Broken Stick Life

59-Max Romeo: Nah Step Backward

60-Spectacular: Broken Stick So Strong

61-Mr Vegas: Keep The Heads High

62-Wild Life: Soundboys Get Nervous

63-Elephant Man: War

64-Reggie Stepper: Nah Copycat

65-Burro Banton: Boom Dem Again

66-Alborosie: Broken Stick Never Stop

67-Demarco: Nah Frightened

68-Demarco: Still Nah Frightened

69-Black Warrior: Murder Drum Pan

70-Kibaki: Nah Cry

71-Lyricson: Feel The Vibes

72-Sizzla: Broken Stick Taking Over

73-Beenie Man: Broken Stick Come Again

74-Capleton: No Badness

75-Capleton: Soundboy's Assassin

76-Merciless: One Of These Soundboys

77-Wild Life: Broken Stick Feels Good
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